SLAIT Consulting and NetApp: A Cohesive Team Providing the Most Up-to-Date Storage Solutions

August 11, 2016 · steveverbanic · · Comments

More businesses are coming to trust all-flash array as a superior data storage system over the traditional spinning hard disk storage. NetApp operates ubiquitously as an all-flash array provider and has served countless industries from around the globe. It’s no surprise then that the data management company was ranked #2 in the world for all-flash array market share for the first quarter of 2016.

NetApp’s Portfolio of Achievements

NetApp’s high ranking is due to its long resume of achievements and satisfied clients. Once such client is the China-based financial lending institution Shanghai PPDAI. To meet the company’s anticipated storage demands of up to 100,000 IOPS, NetApp implemented its All Flash AFF8040/AFF8080 storage system. The all-flash array represents the latest in flash solutions for accelerating workload, saving money, and improving reliability and flexibility.

Institutions like Shanghai PPDAI increasingly require a storage solution that provides real-time analytics, disaster recovery, economical power use, and fewer spikes in latency. This is precisely why NetApp secured its distinguished ranking.

NetApp’s numbers speak for itself:

  • Its all-flash array sector grew to a $700 million annual net revenue run rate
  • For eight consecutive quarters, the All Flash FAS saw triple digit unit growth
  • IDC’s 2016 Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker reports that NetApp’s all-flash array revenue increased by 238% year over year

Finally, NetApp was propelled to the #2 spot in part due to the value it provides to clients. This was made evident with its Flash 3-4-5 program. With the offer, clients are guaranteed 3X greater performance, a 4:1 ratio in storage capacity for affordability, and five ways for clients to get started on the program, including a risk-free trial and an extended warranty.

SLAIT Consulting and NetApp: A Cohesive Team Providing the Most Up-to-Date Storage Solutions

The figures above are why SLAIT Consulting is proud to be a NetApp technology partner. As an extension of NetApp, SLAIT Consulting has implemented thousands of all-flash-based storage devices. This includes full migration of old legacy boxes to fully updated systems – all without data loss. SLAIT’s tenured team of expert engineers are well versed with sophisticated IT projects, including cloud-ready data centers that can:

  • Pinpoint information quickly without going through multiple logs
  • Migrate old and nonessential data to the cloud
  • Store confidential information in-house
  • Accelerate overall enterprise application performance

One of SLAIT’s latest collaborations with NetApp includes the SolidFire All-Flash Array SF-Series 19210. With this turnkey system, companies maintain complete flexibility with options for customized hardware. SolidFire’s Platform Compatibility Guarantee ensures that it is compatible across all hardware and can continue to be updated with new SF-Series nodes. This means your system will always have the latest technology rather than being indefinitely relegated to a single flash technology. The result is a level of versatility never before possible with traditional legacy systems. Contact SLAIT Consulting for more information.