3 Reasons to Perform a Cyber Threat Assessment

February 21, 2018 · steveverbanic · · Comments

A business can’t effectively protect assets and data if it doesn’t understand the threats it’s up against. That’s why it’s critical to perform regular cyber threat assessments — especially when threats change constantly, and network attack surfaces become more porous with the growth of BYOD, the cloud and other technology trends.

A cyber threat assessment helps you identify vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity infrastructure, the risks most likely to exploit them, and from where they’re apt to originate. It also takes you through the steps of determining your most valuable assets and where they reside in your network infrastructure.

All of this is essential to planning a reliable and cost-effective cybersecurity strategy — reason enough to conduct periodic cyber threat assessments. Here are 3 more:

1. Cyber threats are everywhere.

Last year, almost half of all U.S. companies reported at least one cyber attack. As hackers become better at designing and distributing malware that fools employees and flies under the radar of advanced threat detection systems, attacks will increase in number, complexity and ferocity. Your business’ growing reliance on mobile technology and the cloud can expose your network to threats in ways you may not even know.

2. Protection cannot occur at the expense of innovation.

A company could, conceivably, take extreme actions to protect from cyber attacks. However, an excess of caution can come at the risk of innovation. Security that is too restrictive can make websites more difficult to navigate and internal systems slower, which can affect customer loyalty and productivity. By identifying gaps in your security, your most important assets, who needs access to them and ways to control that access, a cyber threat assessment helps you keep performance and protection in balance.

3. You need to be smart about where you allocate security resources.

You can invest extensively in cybersecurity; but, if your resources are not allocated in a way that provides protection from the most prominent threats, you may be wasting money and still leaving your business vulnerable. A cyber threat assessment helps you prioritize security investments based on strengths and weaknesses in your cybersecurity infrastructure, most probable threats, and where you’ll incur the most damage in the event of a breach. For instance, it can uncover vulnerabilities you may not even know about — such as unpatched software or telltale indicators of threats just waiting to exploit flaws in older versions of software and systems.

Create A Roadmap To Better Security Decision Making

Your cyber threat assessment is a decision-making road map to protect your business now and going forward. Whether you need to focus on security awareness or improving interoperability between cybersecurity technologies, a cyber threat assessment gives you the actionable insight you need.

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